Where There's Tea, There's Hope
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About: A blog of randomness, daydreams, and nostalgia. Multi-fandom blog (mostly Doctor Who, Sherlock, Merlin, Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Call the Midwife), ASL, cats, and lots of tea.

So, I made some Lizzie Bennet Diaries inspired teas. Check them out! Here’s the first batch: The Bennets!

Lizzie: [irish breakfast, hazelnut, blackberry] Firm and stubborn, but always with the best intentions. This tea may be off-putting at first, but has an underlying sweetness that will ultimately win you over with its heart.

Jane: [vanilla oolong, raspberry patch, cream, cinnamon] Freshly baked snickerdoodle—sorry, cinnamon sugar cookies, with a bit of raspberry zing. Gentle but firm, and always willing to see the good in people—because everyone deserves tea.

Lydia: [masala chai, blood orange, ginger, chocolate chips] Outgoing, energetic, and never, ever, boring! You’ll go totes cray for this tea. Spicy, fruity, and sweet when you least expect it. 

More tea posts to come!


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